We applied for membership in WWOOF in autumn 2007 and have after this had loads and loads of great experiences here with all the wwoofers that have visited us over the years! Our WWOOF-host id is NOR032. We are Henriette, Vemund, our two small sons Einar Egil and Eirik Brage, the dogs Julian and Carola and the cat Ozzy. Welcome to visit us as wwoofers!

Contact us by email for inquiries about wwoofing at our farm!

The WWOOFING season of 2015:

We are 2 adults (Henriette and Vemund), our two sons of aprox. five years (Einar Egil) and two and a half old (Eirik Brage), the dogs Julian and Carola, the cat Ozzy, the horse Granligutten plus a few pigs, rabbits, chickens and bees. We live on our farm Nervang in the village of Gravberget, deep inside the beutiful and wild forest called the Finnish Forest, located in the south-east of Norway. It's a very beautiful and peaceful forest location with lovely walks, a lake for swimming and a great place to get away from it all! :) We are also running a small microbrewery close by which sell beer to local shops, pubs and restaurants!

Our aim is to try as best we can to grow vegetables for our own use, as well as meat, eggs, honey and more, although we also sell some of our produce. We also try the best we can to use little or no machinery on the farm that uses petrol!

We start out our ninth season of accepeting wwoofers 2015 and are looking forward to yet another heap of great meetings with you all! So welcome to our home in Gravberget!

We have plenty of things to do around the farm! Anything from working with our vegetable patch, feeding and tending animals, to woodchopping, house painting, restoration and a heap of other things that pop up! There might also be work to be done at the brewery as well as with bees. In the autumn there will be plenty of harvesting, berry picking, food preserving, helping out with the pig finishing etc. We are also starting to try using our horse for work like plowing and harrowing, and of course for riding too.

We usually work between 6 and 8 hours, 5 days a week. As we have other part-time jobs on the side, wwoofers will be working on their own for quite a lot of the time. There is, however, no need for previous experience, work is pretty straightforward and we are sure you will all be able to learn along the way!

Sleeping accommodation is shared in a wooden cottage situated on the farm. But except when sleeping, we hope that wwoofers staying with us want to share our life in the house! :) We really apreciate the wwoofers company as part of our family while you stay here.

We have free internet and laundry on the farm.

We accept wwoofers from April to October.

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2015! :)

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Nervang Gård / Vemund Lyngås Jensen - Nervang, 2438 Gravberget - Org. nr. 995 155 362 MVA
tel: +47 472 528 98 / +47 922 34 153 - email:
Medlemsnummer i Norges Birøkterlag: 07 - 7867