Welcome to a stay here with us at Nervang!

In the heart of the northern parts of the Finnish Forest and just next to the Finnskogleden path, lies Gravberget and our farm Nervang. This is the ideal place, wether you want to experience great nature with friends or family, or if you want to enjoy the solitude and silence of the wild forest along the norwegian/swedish border known as the Finnish Forest!

We are open all year!

Our accomodation consists of two wooden lavos for sleeping and also a longhouse. There is space for 4-6 persons in the smallest lavo set around the big open fireplace in the middle of the lavo. The biggest lavo has space for about 12-14 people. The longhouse has a hall with a long table that can take around 20 people. A kitchen in the longhouse makes sure the visitors can cook the food they bring. The kitchen is equipped with a gas oven with 4 fires and an oven. The kitchen also contains the normal utensils like pots, pans, plates, knives and forks. There is neither running water or electricity in the lavos or longhouse. You will either need to bring water or collect it in the farmhouse with us.

There is a double outside toilet about 20 metres further into the forest from the topmost lavo. There is an easy to find path going there. Here you will also find a washbasin with a water reservoir on the roof of the toilet for some easy personal hygiene.

When you leave us after your stay you are supposed to leave it in the way you found it. The visitors wash up, clean the floors, gather the garbage left and such things. On the day of departure you will need to vacate it by 13:00.

Activities: There are many different activities and things to do in the area around Gravberget! We have canoes for rent and we are helpful in arranging both shorter and longer guided tours of the area around Gravberget. There is also the possibility for an atmospheric history evening set around a big fire in the lavos! Click here for more information about our activities! We are also an excellent choice for staying a night or two for trekkers along the Finnskogleden while passing through Gravberget! The walking possibilities in the enormous Finnish Forest are great and offers walks in forest where you seldom meet another man and can enjoy nature by yourself or in company of friends!

Staying with us: We are open both for single travellers or for groups. Payment is per person and the lavos are shared with others that might stay with us at the same time. It's also possible to rent both lavos if you would prefer this.

Renting for parties: It's possible to rent with us for parties or groups, and it's possible year round. We are unfortunately not able to supply you with food, so this needs to be organised by the people that stays with us. Contact us for more information about possibilities and activities for your party.

Food depot: The closest shop from Gravberget is about 30 kms away, so we keep a small food depot for walkers along the Finnish Forest and for other people staying with us. The food depot is located in the kitchen in the longhouse. You should contact us before you arrive to hear what is in the depot. Most of the food will be canned foods, coffe, tea, soda and easy to store foodstuff. Do not leave the tins and containers as rubbish in nature!

Winter: The wintermonths are extremely cold in Gravberget, and so are the lavos. Those who wish to stay with us during winter need to bring equipment suitable for harsh winters. This includes thick clothes, firewood and sleeping bags that can take tempereatures down to minimum -20 degrees Celcius or preferably more. It is not possible to heat the lavos as well as a normal cottage and the visitors should expect cold winter days and nights in wild and beutiful winter nature!

Activities with us and in Gravberget


  • Accomodation, per person: 100,- per night
  • Renting the entire hostel : 1000,- per night
  • Canoe rental per day : 150,- per canoe
  • Canoe rental per week : 750,- per canoe
  • Canoe transport to Halsjøen: 100,- per trip
  • Transport of canoes to other destinations: price varies
  • Pasture for horses : 50,- per day
  • Map of the Finnish Forest: 140,- per map (north, mid, south)
  • Prices of activities: on request

all prices are inclded VAT

NB! We do not accept creditcards. Cash only.

The lavos and longhouse are closed when we are not at the farm. It is thereore neccesary to contact us before you arrive, so that we can open it up for you, if we will not be at home during your stay.

For more info and placing an order, send us an email on

For more info about Finnskogsleden and about the Finnish Forest in general, see the homepages of Finnskogen Tourist Organisation

See more pictures from in and around Gravberget here!


Nervang Gård / Vemund Lyngås Jensen - Nervang, 2438 Gravberget - Org. nr. 995 155 362 MVA
tel: +47 472 528 98 / +47 922 34 153 - email:
Medlemsnummer i Norges Birøkterlag: 07 - 7867