Activities in and around Gravberget

The activities in the area around Gravberget and the Finnish Forest is centered around the forest, nature and hunting and fishing. But there are things to see and do in Gravberget itself too for those who wish to stay with us for a few days. We can arrange different activities at Nervang Wilderness hostel. Contact us for prices and possibilities of activities. As we are arranging things in cooperation with others in the area, it is best to check the possibilities before coming to see us.

And if you only want to come here to relax and to get away from it all, Gravberget and Nervang Wilderness hostel is the perfect place to come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest.


Activities at Nervang Wilderness Hostel:

Canoe rentals: There are loads of small and big lakes in the Finnish Forest where you can go for shorter or longer canoe trips. The closest large lake from Gravberget is Halsjøen. The Kynna river, about 20 kms away, is an eldorado for canoers. We are renting out canoes at our hostel, both for people staying with us and others. It's possible to rent up to 5 canoes at the time and our price includes life jackets and oars. Se our prices on the hostel page.

Guided tours: We can organise guided tours in and around Gravberget, with a focus both on history, culture and nature.

Horse groups: There is no problem to use our wilderness hostel for those who want to come with their own horses. We have access to our own pastures where the horses can graze while the horses visit us together with their riders. See our prices on the hostel page.

History evenings: It is possible for groups to organise an atmospheric evening where you will learn about the very special history of the area. We will sit around a large open fire outside or inside in the lavo according to the weather. The history evening is with a story teller who will give a broad introduction to the history of the Finnish Forest, its people, culture, religion and customs, from far back in time up to today!

In and around Gravberget:

Gravberget is a sleepy and quite little village, isolated by many kilometres of forest and in the heart of the northern parts of the forest. It's only a few kilometres from the norwegian/swedish border. Finnskogleden, a network of paths going north/south through the forest and stretching for 240 kms, goes straight through the village. About 60 people live here. The church in Gravberget is by many described as one of the worlds most unique churches and well worth a visit.

Gravberget church: The church of Gravberget was finished in 1955 and was a gift from the company called Borregaard to the villagers of Gravberget. The church is covered in its entirety by wooden chips on the outside and built in the shape of a fir tree which is amongst the most common trees of the area. It's construction can almost look like a modern stave church. The interior of the church is painted in bright and happy colors and has elements from different christian beliefs. It's noted as one of the most unique and special churces in the world. The church in Gravberget is defenetely worth a visit for all those who pass through our village!

The church is open most days of July and has a church service about once a month, not including the winter months. Entrance for visitors is 20 NOK (2007 price, church service is of course free), and a short guided tour can be organised in Gravberget.

Norwegian Moose Center/Gravberget Farm: The biggest farm in Gravberget is Gravberget Farm. The farm is well worth a visit for its beutiful views and historic importance for the area. Gravberget Farm is run by the Norwegian Moose Center, a hotel and conference center which also specialises in moose. There are mooses in large compounds which can be visited. At feeding time and for large groups there is a fee of about 30 NOK per person to be paid to view the animals. In the summer there is an open cafe here about 5 days a week. See more information about the center on their webpages here.

Upper and Nether Berget tenant farms: This is 2 renovated old tenanted farms, situated above 'the center' of Gravberget and not far from our hostel. The farms are from the middle of the 19th century and was lying unde the main farm of Gravberget. They were renovated at the time when the Finnskogleden path were officially opened some years back. The area around the farms is nice and open, with a great view of the vast forests around Gravberget.

Hunting and fishing: The forests around Gravberget has many and good possibilities for fishing, among other things trout, pike and perch. Small game hunting is also possible in the autumn for those with a license. Most of the forest in the closes vicinity to Gravberget is owned by the company Statskog and fishing and hunting licenses have to be organised through this company. Some areas is also being used by the local hunting and fishing organisations. Contact us for more information.

Cycling: There are no special roads in the Finnish Forest set aside for cycling. However the cycling oportunities on the many forest roads are great and offer a wide range of trips, from short daytrips to trips ranging over many days! The forest is vast, and for a few days with abike it will be possible to visit many of the places in the forest, like Gravberget, Hof Finnskog, Svullrya and also places on the Swedish side of the border. Most of the roads in the forest is unsurfaced and you will need a bike with good, strong tires.

Treks, marked paths and Finnskogleden: There is a vast variety of paths in the Finnish Forest. The most known among these is Finnskogleden, a network of paths stretching for about 240 kms in the borderland between Norway and Sweden and from north to south through the Finnish Forest. Finnskogleden passes straight through Gravberget. From here it goes north towards the road to Trysil, and south to Haldammen and all the way to Morokulien, situated many days of trekking to the south. Nervang Wilderness hostel is the perfect place for tired wanderers of Finnskogleden. We also has a food depot which is welcomed by travellers to restock, as the closes shop is about 30 kms away. For more info on the Finnish forest and maps of the area, see the homepage of the local tourist organisation: Finnskogen Turistforening . We sell maps of the area. See our prices here.


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